Anita Doyle

Anita Doyle has been a transpersonal counselor and educator for over three decades. In 1975, at the age of 23, she experienced the defining moment of her life when, between one step and the next while walking down a city street, she underwent a spontaneous awakening into the incomparable joy and clarity of the natural, unconditioned mind. Her professional work holds this awareness as its guiding light. Anita has a full-time professional practice in evolutionary-archetypal astrology, working with individuals worldwide. In addition she regularly facilitates dreamwork, and I Ching study in small group settings. Anita's writing has appeared in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review; Parabola: The Magazine of Myth & Tradition; The Dream Network Journal; Cosmos & Logos; The Myth Studies Journal, and elsewhere. She earned graduate degrees in medicine at the University of Colorado, and in mythological & religious studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute of Depth Psychology. She is a life-long student of the I Ching, meditation, archetypal inquiry and dreams, and is a diplomate of the Steven Forrest professional program in evolutionary astrology. She has made her home in Montana since 1982, where encounters with wildness grace everyday life. Her website is Integral Being