I know of no other program that is a more effective midwife for profound transformation
than Ecology of Awakening.

- Brian Swimme


For thousands of years, our ancestors lived wholly immersed in the wonder of a living universe, intuitively guided and held by their nature-based cultures. Now amidst the pressure and pace of the modern industrial agenda, we have become alienated not only from the natural world but from our own deepest nature. As a result, we have lost contact with our instinctive knowing and deeper sense of belonging. People in all walks of life, however, are waking to the fact that we are not separate from nature, or each other, but are intricately woven into the ever-evolving, vibrant web of life.

Embodied Transformation

While many of us are conscious of the need to move beyond the habits and patterns of our collective trance and sense of separation, it is one thing to know this intellectually and another to realize it in the very fabric of our being. The journey is not always comfortable as we often become disoriented in the ‘space between’ where our old way of being in the world is no longer viable, yet the new way has not yet emerged. The journey is a process, and it takes allies to collectively shed the old and live into our essential nature and inherent place amidst the whole. Connection with the land and active facilitation from the guides and the village community create a vibrant ecology that supports participants in moving beyond an intellectual understanding, to the realization and sustained embodiment of what it is to act in alignment with life, community, and equity for all beings.