Ecology of Awakening emerged in response to a personal journey as well as the collective moment we are in as a planet. In truth they are one in the same. The seed for the journey was planted almost 20 years ago when I was guiding wilderness vision fasts and other nature based programs. Over and over I saw the clarity and sense of homecoming people experienced on those programs; yet I also saw how difficult it was for people to maintain any sense of lasting transformation. In response to my own leading edge questions around what would support a new way of being in the world, beyond peak experiences that often faded away, I stopped guiding for many years to allow the questions to gestate.   

Over the next decade I was taken through a process that woke me out of the worldview I had been unconsciously shaped by, eventually leading to what is now Ecology of Awakening. During the years that I navigated the disorienting 'space between stories', I often felt lost with no guideposts or context for what was unfolding. It wasn’t easy to trust the deeper process that was re-shaping me towards something more vibrant and life sustaining. The programs offered here are a blend of the many elements that most encouraged the unwinding of conditioning in support of what wanted to bloom.   

Ecology of Awakening is not a model or prescriptive formula. Rather, it is a framework made up of unfolding elements that weave together to create an ecology that supports a new way of being: out of what is conditioned, into what is receptive, ever evolving and connected with all of Life. While the following is a way of describing the core framing of our programs, it’s important to remember that the journey is a process – a verb, rather than a thing, a noun. It is re-informed with each group and each collective discovery of what it is to let go into the 'space between stories'. We are all in this process of discovery, and it takes allies to collectively shed the old and live into our essential nature.

In gratitude,


Kerry Brady, MA, SEP, Co-founder, Director & Lead Guide

Foundational Framework

Cosmology – drawing from the new sciences in order to awaken to the realization and lived experience of being an inherent part of the unfolding web of Life 

Wilderness Rites – utilizing cross cultural wisdom to move beyond our usual definitions by immersing in and apprenticing to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world 

Deep Ecology / Living Systems – becoming more ecologically intelligent, within and without, by recognizing and emulating the 3.8 billion year wisdom of Life and natural systems 

Living Resiliency – drawing from biologically based somatic work to support our individual and collective capacity to ignite our innate resilience in order to show up for these transitional times

Awakening/Non-Dual Wisdom – shifting out of the reference point that keeps us locked in our own story to a new kind of awareness and listening that invites an embodied participation with Life