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For over 15 years, Brian Swimme and Kerry Brady have taught their celebrate course, Nature and Eros, to graduate students at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Nature and Eros developed in response to the illusion operative throughout Western industrialized culture, that we are separate selves living upon the earth. Across many disciplines we are awakening to the knowledge that we are living organisms intricately woven into the ever-evolving vibrant web of life. The central aim of the course is to initiate and support a shift in our perception of this larger web; and to activate the lived recognition of our deepest identity as an inextricable part of the cosmic unfolding that brought us forth.

A decade into their work, Brian and Kerry collaborated to write Nature and Eros: An Educational Process for Engaging With a Living Universe, an article designed for those opening to a more integral educational process. The article immerses us in who we are as an inherent part of the unfolding web and conveys the various processes utilized to support participants in a lived experience of this recognition. Enjoy!

ARTICLE: Nature and Eros: An Educational Process for Engaging With a Living Universe

Invitation to the Journey!

While Nature and Eros is a closed course, solely for CIIS students, Kerry has carried forward her work with Brian through Ecology of Awakening - a program for leaders, emerging leaders and all those who sense a deeper freedom in awakening to their essential nature who are called to creating a more resilient future for themselves and their communities. Through the Yearlong Journey, Immersion Retreat and other programs, the aim is to support us in moving beyond the story of separation into an embodied recognition of what it is to listen and respond to our own deepest Nature and the way Life speaks to each of us. 

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