I know of no other program that is a more effective midwife for profound transformation
than Ecology of Awakening.
— Brian Swimme

Our Intention

Ecology of Awakening is built on the premise that, in order to create a more resilient future for people and the planet, it is essential to facilitate a shift in consciousness: out of the predominant story of separation into a lived experience of being an inherent part of the ever-evolving, vibrant web of life. In this time of rapid change, when the wellbeing of humans and the Earth are threatened, we are dedicated to supporting the sustained and embodied shift necessary to create resilient and thriving communities for future generations. We believe that if we are to create the world we know possible – where all beings have the freedom to co-exist peacefully in balance with the earth – it is necessary to revise our story from one of individualism to one of interconnection, with each other and with the whole Earth community.

The Underlying Premise

Ecology of Awakening programs begin with the recognition that life is self-organizing and knows what it’s doing. As Cosmologist Brian Swimme says, “Take hydrogen and leave it alone for 13.7 billion years and it turns into rosebushes, giraffes and humans.” Our approach is to become more adept at listening and responding to this emergent creative force – our own deepest nature – in order to expand our experience of the world and our role in it. We believe that the kind of impact we have depends on what we are rooted in. If we are primarily connected to a sense of urgency and fear, we are more likely to react from that place. If, on the other hand, we are rooted in our deepest belonging, we support our ability to respond from love, community and connection, with sincere regard for each other and our world.

The Framework

Ecology of Awakening is anchored by an integrative and holistic curriculum that pulls together key ideas and approaches from a host of fields to produce transformative change. In order to strengthen and expand our capacity to think and act in partnership with life, our unique programs weave together cosmology, wilderness rites, living systems, biologically-based resiliency work, and nondual wisdom with time tested processes such as listening meditation and council. By design, our retreats are small to facilitate an optimum guide-to-participant learning environment where engagement within and between participants supports enduring change. Through intimate and conscious encounters – with each other, our own inner impulses and with the larger earth community that awaits – we learn to engage with the way life continually informs us.

Embodied Transformation

Time on the land, active facilitation from the guides and the village community all create a vibrant ecology that supports participants in moving beyond an intellectual understanding of ‘re-storying’ to the realization and embodiment of what it is to align with life, community, and equity for all beings. While many of us are conscious of the need to move beyond the habits and patterns of our collective trance and sense of separation, it is one thing to know this intellectually and another to realize it in the very fabric of our being. The journey is not always comfortable. Often we become disoriented as we find ourselves in unknown territory. The framework, guidance and processes in our programs support the vital space “between stories” so we might individually and collectively discover what it is to live in a more conscious and mutually enhancing way with all life.

Over the past year, as our various groups have sat in grief and despair over the state of the world, we have felt the anchor and depth of our programs, grounding and inspiring us to step forward in our lives with clear voices and strong hearts. Ecology of Awakening has never felt more relevant to prepare us to meet the current moment with a fierce love that stems from a direct experience of our inherent interconnectedness.

How can we be stewards of the Earth if we don’t know how to listen to her? How can we heal the planet if we don’t heal ourselves and our brothers and sisters as a part of that process? This is where the vital work of Ecology of Awakening comes in.
— M.S., Pueblo, CO, past EOA participant and permaculture student