Ecology of Awakening is right for you if you...

  • Yearn to align with the cultural and planetary shift of these times and to live in a way that is life enhancing rather than life destroying

  • Have awakened (or are awakening) beyond the personal and cultural framework that shaped you and are opening to the vast mystery that seeks to unfold, within and without

  • Find yourself in the “space between stories” and are looking to become more adept in listening and responding to the visible and unseen world

  • Have awakened or are in the process of awakening to your inherent nature and are learning to live from this place in a more consistent and sustained way

  • Are ready to shift from ‘trying to move through the world to allowing the world to move through you”

  • Have outgrown other "paths" and peak experiences and seek to discover a more consistent and resilient way of being in their lives and communities

  • Recognize that the shift we are being asked to make occurs in community and that you are not alone

  • Sense the possibility of a deeper freedom and long to remember your place amidst the unfolding fabric of life