Ecology of Awakening is designed to evoke an integral consciousness rooted in the ecological interdependence of humanity with Earth systems. The educational processes EOA utilizes are fully grounded in contemporary science as well as the sensorial, intuitive, mythic, poetic, and nonrational dimensions of human consciousness. Participants in EOA programs speak of being reborn, of entering a new and more vital form of consciousness. It is not too much to assert that they are entering a new era of human history. I know of no other program that is a more effective midwife for this profound transformation than Ecology of Awakening.
— Brian Swimme

Testimonials from Participants

Clarity of role and place

“I’ve always had the feeling that there was something more – a way of being in this world, a manner of relating to others and to the natural world, a role for me in the unfolding of this great transformation that we seem to be alive for at this time in history. But I couldn’t figure it out, that is, until I participated in EOA. Remarkably, I now understand what is being asked of me. And my focus has made this wonderful shift -- to opening my perceptual field, to connecting, to working for future generations. Now I am excited about my membership in the human community at this incredible time of unfolding on our planet.” — G.P., Sebastopol, CA

Moving out of separation

“This journey has unlocked my heart and sent my soul singing. I've been able to place my singular story in the context of the larger unfolding of the village, the earth, the dance of the universe expressing itself. EOA is a container masterfully woven from the heart’s own sinews. It is a vital journey to take, do not skip it!” — S.R., Santa Cruz, CA

Awakening to self and oneness

“EOA has radically re-written my concept of the universe. The journey took me to depths previously unimaginable, evoking and re-awakening elements of myself that long awaited to emerge from their dormancy.”   M.S., Pueblo, CO

Community of the heart

This is community in its fullest expression: compassionate, vulnerable, wild and courageous. EOA is a container masterfully woven from the heart’s own sinews. This is the place to awaken the gift of yourself that you offer to the world.    S.R., Santa Cruz, CA

Inner and outer transformation

“EOA has been over and beyond all that I had hoped for. Reaching the boundless depths of our human nature, it powerfully yet gently inspired miraculous inner and outer transformation that is the healing song our world is crying for.” L.S., Bellingham, WA

Right action

“Just what I’d been waiting for forty years for – a safe and accepting circle to share my deepest despairs and hopes for the world, together with ways of moving through to the other side towards acceptance and gratitude, cultivating the stillness to discern the true voice of right action.”  K.W., Ashland, OR

Sustained transformation

“In 2013, I ‘woke up’ out of the illusion of my old story. I came to understand that the human story that I had inherited from my culture and family was simply no longer relevant, and at the same time, I found myself in a space of no story with little way of orienting myself to my present experience. I attended several programs where I had beautifully intense experiences, but soon after the end of them, the energy dissipated and I was right back to my isolated life without a sense of community or context. Ecology of Awakening is completely unique because some 2+ years after first attending the program, I am practicing what I received within the context of a sacred community equally committed to embracing this unknown space between stories. I am forever grateful that I found Ecology of Awakening. It has and continues to change my life.”  M. Z., Charlottesville, VA