I know of no other program that is a more effective midwife for profound transformation than Ecology of Awakening.

- Brian thomas Swimme, evolutionary philosopher

For thousands of years, our ancestors lived wholly immersed in the wonder of a living universe, intuitively guided and held by their nature-based cultures. Now amidst the pressure and pace of the modern industrial agenda, we have become alienated not only from the natural world but from our own deepest nature. As a result, we have lost contact with our instinctive knowing and deeper sense of belonging. No wonder we're disoriented and dis-eased. With such a deep sense of alienation and "homesickness" we've literally forgotten where we came from and where to go for guidance.

After wandering very far from our roots, it is time to ‘re-story’ ourselves into the vibrant web where we can compose with Nature, inwardly and outwardly, and discover the way our unique expression fits into the deep needs of our time. Ecology of Awakening offers programs that facilitate this shift in consciousness—out of the predominant story of separation into a lived experience of being an inherent part of the unfolding web of life—to create resilient and thriving communities for future generations.

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