Photo by Brock Dolman

Eco-Ministry Intensive Application

Thank you for your interest in the Eco-Ministry Intensive. Please complete the following form in order to help us ensure this program is a fit for you. We encourage people of all faiths and traditions to apply. We welcome any inquiry beyond this application and will contact you if we have questions. We will keep all information strictly confidential.

The program is for those awakening from the predominant cultural story of separation who are, in their unique way, working towards a resilient, thriving Earth community for future generations. The program is designed for those who have the capacity to move fluidly between inner/personal and outer/collective experience rather than for those who may, at this moment, be primarily focused on their own personal/trauma healing. While it is not designed primarily to promote personal healing or resolve issues, healing, personal clarity and deep connection can be natural outcomes of the process.

Note that you can not save this application, so be prepared to complete this form in its entirety before submission!

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