Ecology of Awakening is designed to evoke an integral consciousness rooted in the ecological interdependence of humanity with Earth systems. The educational processes EOA utilizes are fully grounded in contemporary science as well as the sensorial, intuitive, mythic, poetic, and nonrational dimensions of human consciousness. Participants in EOA programs speak of being reborn, of entering a new and more vital form of consciousness. It is not too much to assert that they are entering a new era of human history. I know of no other program that is a more effective midwife for this profound transformation than Ecology of Awakening.
— Brian Swimme, cosmologist and evolutionary philosopher

The Underlying Premise

Ecology of Awakening programs begin with the recognition that life is self-organizing and knows what it’s doing. As Cosmologist Brian Swimme says, “Take hydrogen and leave it alone for 13.7 billion years and it turns into rosebushes, giraffes and humans.” Our approach is to become more adept at listening and responding to this emergent creative force – our own deepest nature – and to directly engage with how Life – God – Spirit (whatever one’s particular name for ‘That’ is) speaks to and through each of us. The program as a whole is deeply inclusive, facilitating transformation for those who hold religious as well as secular views, as the work is about what it is to be fully human, no matter our beliefs or self-definitions. It is about listening and responding in a new way, in alignment and partnership with nature – the natural world as well as our own deepest nature. In this mysterious and fertile ground where our own creativity and the larger unfolding meet, we unlock our waiting potential and discover the way our unique expression fits into the deep needs of our time.

The Framework

How can we be stewards of the Earth if we don’t know how to listen to her? How can we heal the planet if we don’t heal ourselves and our brothers and sisters as a part of that process? This is where the vital work of Ecology of Awakening comes in.
— M.S., Pueblo, CO, EOA Participant

Ecology of Awakening is not a model or prescriptive formula. Rather, it is a framework made up of unfolding elements that create an ecology that supports a new way of being. All of our programs are anchored by a holistic curriculum that integrates ideas and practices from various fields to produce transformative change. Throughout our courses, we weave together a unique blend of earth based wisdom, evolutionary and ecological science, living systems, somatic resiliency work, and nondual traditions. By design, our retreats - set within a variety of spectacular California ecosystems - are small to facilitate an optimum environment for engagement between guides and participants to support enduring change.

In order to honor the unique process that occurs for each person, we have designed our programs to meet participants where they are, allowing for a myriad of responses including, but not limited to:

  • Seeing yourself and life from a new perspective
  • Gaining clarity about your particular offering to the world
  • Experiencing a heart opening or healing, in yourself and your relationships
  • Opening beyond previous false divisions
  • Moving towards a new way of listening and responding to Life (you own inner guidance)
  • Navigating the ‘space between’ where the old, personally and/or collectively, has fallen away, yet the new has not yet emerged

Embodied Transformation

While many of us are conscious of the need to move beyond the habits and patterns of our collective trance and sense of separation, it is one thing to know this intellectually and another to realize it in the very fabric of our being. The journey is not always comfortable as we often become disoriented in the ‘space between’ where our old way of being in the world is no longer viable, yet the new way has not yet emerged. The journey is a process, and it takes allies to collectively shed the old and live into our essential nature and inherent place amidst the whole. Connection with the land and active facilitation from the guides and the village community create a vibrant ecology that supports participants in moving beyond an intellectual understanding, to the realization and sustained embodiment of what it is to act in alignment with life, community, and equity for all beings.