Kristin Rothballer, Guide

Kristin Rothballer is a social change leader, with a focus on the intersection of personal, social and ecological healing and transformation. In addition to being a guide for Ecology of Awakening, she consults on strategy, programs, equity and organizational development for nonprofits, foundations and social enterprises. Her current projects include helping to design FIREROCK, a musical to engage people around climate change, and serving as a Senior Fellow for Center for Whole Communities. Kristin has helped design and manage land-based retreat centers, including Bell Valley Retreat and Tunitas Creek Ranch. She co-founded and was Managing Director of Green for All, which is working to build an inclusive green economy. For many years, Kristin worked as the Director of Programs at Bioneers, where she led efforts to widen participation in ecological and community restoration. Kristin serves on the Board of Trustees for the Tyler RiggFoundation and also on the Board of Directors for CTZN WELL.