Miles's Impressions

Miles 2.jpg

Miles is unsure what he is but knows that he loves to farm and cherishes his community in Portland, OR and family in New York City, NY.

I spent my childhood and teenage years trudging through New York City, longing for connection and the understanding that there was something deeper moving all of us through the world; something that we all had somehow agreed to ignore. I genuinely believed that the world was a certain way because thats how it was taught to me. Then one day something shifted and I started to feel as though there was a deeper current pulsing through life. Kerry and Ecology of Awakening came to me at a time when my understanding of the world, how I had come to experience it as a younger being, was gradually slipping away. This was a truly terrifying place that was ultimately supported and held throughout my experience in EOA.

My personal journey throughout the yearlong has come with many shifts, ranging from fear of disconnecting from "The Story" to settling into complete and unbounding love and the deeper knowing that there is no narrative to follow. To live in a place of knowing and not knowing, simultaneously. This is where I strive to be. It is a space that makes no sense and yet is everything. The rigid, hard lines of life suddenly smooth and become malleable.

I feel so fortunate that EOA was there for me in a time when all that I thought I knew suddenly stopped being true. I needed someone who had already traveled the road to tell me that in taking my next step I wasn't going to walk off the cliff. Or maybe that I was, and that would also be alright.

I would not have been able to navigate the waters without the amazing guides of EOA.