Orion's Impressions


Orion guides volunteer service work in communities around the world, with a focus on earth-based, environmentally conscious development programs. He is currently the cofounder and director of Conscious Impact, based in the Himalayas of rural Nepal. Takure, Nepal

Expressions: New Music*

Song introduction: I like to sing, and sometimes when I walk in the mountains, and when my body, mind and spirit feel aligned, the earth gifts her beautiful songs to me. This one came to me during an EOA retreat in Occidental, sitting in the golden grasses under the old oak trees. As I watched the birds and listened to the trees, I was reminded that all species of living beings (birds, trees, rivers, bees), they all know their place in the world and their purpose. It is only our species, the humans, that have been gifted both the power and the pain of identity crisis, of searching for our own purpose. But when we listen deeply, when we connect to ourselves, do we not also feel an inherent purpose, a deep knowing of who we are?

May we all find peace, love and harmony with the natural world in this beautiful search for meaning.

Music and lyrics copyright Orion 2016