Unique Framework

Ecology of Awakening has been over and beyond all that I had hoped for. Reaching the boundless depths of our human nature, it powerfully yet gently inspired miraculous inner and outer transformation that is the healing song our world is crying for.
— L.S., Bellingham, WA

The underlying intention of all of our programs is to support the return - our individual and collective return - to our inherent place amidst the larger unfolding. After wandering very far from our roots, it is time to re-story ourselves into the vibrant web where we can compose with Nature, inwardly and outwardly, and discover the way our unique expression fits into the deep needs of our time. In support of this, we offer a variety of programs designed to fit your needs and availability. All of our programs include a unique set of foundations that create an ecology that helps us to awaken from our old definitions and conditioning in order to awaken to the whole. As Gregory Bateson once said, “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”. By weaving together these foundations, in tandem with core elements and processes, we support our ability to think and act like an ecosystem – in relationship and in process with life.  

  • Evolutionary and Ecological Science – drawing from the new sciences in order to awaken to the realization and lived experience of being an inherent part of the unfolding web of life

  • Earth Based Wisdom – utilizing cross cultural wisdom to move beyond our usual definitions by immersing in and apprenticing to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world

  • Deep Ecology / Living Systems – becoming more ecologically intelligent, within and without, by recognizing and emulating the 3.8 billion year wisdom of life and natural systems

  • Somatic Resiliency Work – drawing from biologically based somatic work to support our individual and collective capacity to ignite our innate resilience in order to show up for these transitional times

  • Non-Dual Wisdom – shifting out of the reference point that keeps us locked in our own story to a new kind of awareness and listening that invites an embodied participation with life

Core Elements

Throughout all of our programs, we draw from and utilize the below elements as well as other time-tested processes to usher participants towards dissolving their borders and discovering their deepest belonging.

  • Listening meditation and awareness practices

  • Inner and outer tracking

  • Nature-based processes

  • Intentional wandering

  • Journaling

  • Bird language

  • Dreamwork

  • Expressive arts

  • Music

  • Council

  • Ceremony

One-on-One Guidance

Individual mentoring sessions with the guides is available and encouraged for participants during and after all programs in order to deepen and sustain the learning and transformation. Mentoring is structured around individual need. To mentor is to serve as a trusted guide or teacher. Our role in mentoring is threefold: to support you to further root in the moment-to-moment unfolding of your deepest nature; to become more fluid in giving way to how this unique expression wants to move through you; and to re-discover and re-member your place within the larger earth community. We work with a variety of modalities – unique to each guide - to support your ability to follow the current of your own unfolding and to move through the various obstacles and openings that present themselves.