Applying to the Yearlong Journey

The Application Deadline For 2017-18 Yearlong Is February 21st

The Yearlong Journey is designed for those who are opening to their essential nature and to how Life seeks to evoke them into their larger place in the vibrant web. It is not intended as healing or therapy. It is for those who have developed a “healthy enough” sense of self, and are ready to open to the vast mystery that seeks to unfold within them.

To help you to decide if the program is a fit for you, we’ve developed an application process that includes a follow up interview once we’ve received your application. We do this to ensure that you will not be pushed beyond what you are ready for, as moving beyond our basic habits and need for security can be challenging even for those who know it’s time! To ensure the safety of all participants, we require that each person be in good physical, mental and emotional health and in this light we reserve the right to refuse service based on our assessment.

Before you apply, please read through the below dates, including arrival and departure times, in order to ensure you are able to make the commitment to join us. 

  • SPRING: March 21-25, 2017, Ecological Preserve, Maricopa, CA
    • Arrival at 2pm on March 21st and departure at 1pm on March 25th
  • SUMMER: June 21-25, 2017, Ecological Preserve, Occidental, CA
    • Arrival at 3pm on June 21st and departure at 1pm on June 25th
  • FALL: September 22-30, 2017, Mojave National Preserve, CA
    • Arrival at 10am on September 22nd and departure at 10am on September 30th
  • WINTER: January 17-21, 2018, Private Retreat Center, Occidental, CA
    • Arrival at 3pm on January 17th and departure at 1pm on January 21st


  1. Fill out the Online Application Form here...
  2. After we receive your form, we will contact you for an interview.
  3. Once you have been approved for the program, we will send you links to the registration site as well as to the forms required for official enrollment.
  4. Your place will be secured once we receive your $500 non-refundable deposit as well as all completed forms.
  5. Once you are registered, we will send you a welcome package with preparation information including suggested reading and helpful practices to engage in before we meet for the first time as a group. In addition, you will be added to the Yearlong list serve, enabling you to be in contact with other participants around ride shares, etc. 

** Please review our Cancellation Policy here.

The Journey Begins at Registration!

Please note that the program begins as soon as you enroll (or even contemplate enrolling). In this light, it is not uncommon for fears, resistances and unexpected openings to arise in the process of committing to such a journey. Know that we are available to support you at any point during the registration process whether internal or external “obstacles” appear! 

If you register early, you can take advantage of signing up for a mentoring session with one of the Yearlong Journey guides to further support you in preparing inwardly and outwardly before our first meeting. Mentoring sessions with Kerry include the option of incorporating information gleaned from your astrological chart to support you in fully aligning with your unfolding journey.