Embodiment Retreat

The Embodiment Retreat is open only to those who have completed the Yearlong Journey. Its primary focus is on the betwixt and between ‘space between stories’' - where the old has fallen away and something new is trying to lead the way. This phase of 'awakening' can be immensely freeing as well as disorienting and, at times, isolating. Yet we can support the organic wisdom of what is taking place by gathering together, creating the context for what is unfolding, and sharing and deepening into various tools and ways of ‘being’ within this space. Our time will unfold between context/framing, inquiry, listening meditation, time on the land and giving way to what arises individually and as a whole. 

Dates & Location

Wednesday, May 24 - Sunday, May 28, 2017 at a private retreat center in the rolling coastal hills, outside of Occidental.


Kerry Brady, Co-Founder & Director

Tuition: $600

In order to keep tuition as low as possible, meals will be collaborative. Each person will bring their own lunch; we will share in breakfast and dinner costs and preparations. It’s important that you attend if you feel called to this retreat so please write to kerry[at]ecologyofawakening.org if the fee does not feel viable.  


To enroll, contact kerry[at]ecologyofawakening.org