CIIS Weekend Retreat

As with all of our programs, this weekend journey is designed to support a shift in consciousness: out of the story of separation, into a lived experience of being an inherent part of the vibrant web of life. It is for leaders and emerging leaders, including all those who sense a deeper freedom in awakening to their essential nature and are called to creating a more resilient future for themselves and their communities.

Our journey will unfold between whole 'village' time, focused small group sessions, solo time on the land and simultaneous attention to the creative spaces that inform us. By drawing from cosmology, nature-based practices, listening meditation, dream-work, bird language, council, ceremony and other time-tested processes, we will learn to listen and respond to this emergent creative force and the way Life speaks to each of us.

We will live lightly on the land at Bell Valley, which includes over 600 acres of rolling grasslands, expansive views and extensive trails amidst a rich and bio-diverse ecosystem. In opening to all that seeks to awaken us, we learn to listen and respond to the way Life evokes us and open to the mysterious and fertile meeting ground where our own creativity and the larger unfolding meet. It is here where we might discover the way our unique expression fits into the deep needs of our time. 

Dates & Location

Friday, September 9 – Sunday, September 11, 2016;  Bell Valley Retreat at the Toll House 


Kerry Brady and Kristin Rothballer


Camp site access on the grounds (will need to bring all camping gear - tent, sleeping bag, etc.) or commuter access (no onsite lodging). See more here.
Registration $360
Members $300 (See membership options here)

Platform Tents
Shared accommodations in permanent tents with bathroom access a short walk from the tents. See more here.
Registration $440
Members $380

Shared Accommodations
Shared rooms with shared bathrooms in the Toll HouseBunk House, or Barn Rooms.
Registration $495
Members $435

Premium Shared
For couples or close friends. Premium shared room in the Toll House or Bunk House (2 or 3 people). King and queen beds available. Some rooms have an en suite bathroom. 
Registration $555
Members $495

Premium Single
Premium single room in the Toll House or Bunk House. Some rooms have an en suite bathroom.
Registration $595
Members $535


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